Privacy Policy

WhosWhere has been developed so that you, the user can make the most of your outings. You can check out the guest lists showing other users going to the same events, venues or even staying in the same hotels/location as you. It also allows you to check up on what venues to will be popular on any given day.

WhoseWhere have made this privacy policy so that you, the user can read this and afterwards be fully aware of exactly what we are doing with the information you are giving us.


Information you provide us:

Some of the information you will be providing upon signing up includes: contact details such as an email address and phone number, location, gender, public profile photos, relationship status and age. We collect this information so that we can confirm that you are a real person and give you and other users the best and safest experience while using our app.


Information we get when you use our services:

Some information will be provided to us whilst using our services through the app including where you are planning on going. We gather this information for our own purposes to determine how and where we can make improvements. This will also be used for advertising to venues, who will be able to see that you are going to their venue showing them how important certain aspects of our app are such as the guest list feature and whether or not their advertising is working. We may choose to look at certain information provided by you such as what venues, events or locations you are looking at going so that we can determine what factors influenced you to look into that particular venue. Times and dates are also helpful to us. Invites and whether you are using this feature, how often users are inclined to accept invites and so on.


Information we collect from third parties:

We may collect information from you from another source, for example: If one of our users invites you to a venue from another platform or allows us to see their contacts and you are a part of them.


Accessing your devices location

Upon signing up we will ask for permission to see your devices location. It is important we do this so WhoseWhere can determine the types of venues, events and people around you so that you can use the app to its fullest potential and find places and people near you that suit your interests.


Accessing your Devices Phonebook & Allowing Device to record

Because our venues have phone numbers attached to them we may need access to your phone book so that we can make it easy for you to contact the venues.

WhoseWhere’s main purpose is to communicate with friends and/or meet new people and so having access to likeminded people is only going to make WhoseWhere grow. We will of course be asking you for permission to access these aspects.


Accessing Photos & Your Camera

We will need to ask you for access to your camera and photos so that you can upload photos to your profile.


Accessing Devices Information

We may need to collect your devices model and operating system for statistical purposes.


Information Collected by Cookies and Other Technologies.

Cookies are used on most applications and web browsers these days. We may use cookies through web storage as well as the third parties attached to our app including our events or hotel/booking pages to gain information on when you interact with services that we offer through our app.


Information We Collect From Job Applicants

This information will be kept by WhoseWhere and only released in case of financial difficulties ie merging with another app or company.


How we use your information

We are using most of it to give you the best and most useful experience while using our app. It is also to make sure we know what our users want by keeping advertising and unwanted notifications to a minimum. We can use the information to make sure you’re never missing out on an event you would love to be at, to show you awesome guest lists and venue, events and offers. Monitor the places that are booming and make sure you are aware of them, what adds work and are useful to you. Make sure all of our users are using the app in a safe and non-abusive way. We will verify you as a real person so that fake accounts are kept to a minimum, using your information along with cookies to improve the services you receive with our app. Finding the right hotels and venues for you to stay at or venture out to, based on the age group and similarities.


How we share your information

We share some of your information to venue owners such as: profile picture and name. We do this so they have a rough idea on how many people are attending their event and can keep on top of how certain advertising campaigns are going for them. We also share them to other users like your current country and city, your profile picture and name your planned visit at selected venues, only if you have selected this and are agreeing to be seen by other users (public/private settings). We show your friends to other users that are friends with you so that they can also become mutual friends, your planned visits to users that are friends with you and recently visited places. There is an option to choose public, private or just me in the settings bar and this will determine which users on WhoseWhere can and can’t see sensitive information.

We may also share your information with partners and sponsors of WhoseWhere business associates. Like your name profile picture and certain contact details.

We may share some of your information with third parties such as advertising companies or if we are obliged or needed to:

  • With the law for security reasons or legal services and government requests.
  • If you have in some way violated our terms of services.
  • If you have been involved in the serious harming of the general public or staff.
  • To investigate any fraud or security issues.
  • Protect the rights of other users and WhoseWhere

We may also share with a certain party if merging with another app, serious company investors, finance problems/liquidation or bankruptcy. The third-party company may request sensitive information as part of the business deal.

We may also share with third parties such as advertising companies or just general companies that wish to grow their business. Some of this sensitive information may contain your contact and personal details. WhoseWhere take no responsibility into how any of these third party’s disperse of your information. This includes party’s inside the app such as all of our venues, hotels, bars, clubs, festivals etc.


Advertising Services provided by Others

We may let certain companies inside and outside our app such as venues, festivals or other companies use devices like beacons, cookies and other tracking technology for number and/or data collecting. They do this for their own business purposes like seeing if advertising campaigns have worked or are working and making their venues, companies etc look more appealing to the public.


How We Protect Your Personal Information

We have strict security measures in place to protect all of your information you provide to us however unfortunately there is no way we can guarantee your information will stay completely secure from hackers. We cannot and will not take any responsibility for any security breaches.


Children Policy

Whosewhere is a social app designed to give you better outings and although it can be used for beaches and under 18 year old events. Its main focuss is bars, nightclubs, and festivals of 18 years and above. It also has an aspect of dating involved and for these reasons the app has been made for the years of 18+ We will not knowingly collect the information of anyone under the ages of 18.


How Long We Keep your Content

We will obviously have your content for as long as you are on our app. We will only keep your data once deleting your account for as long as we think is needed to help us with our own business growth.


Outside of Australia

Although WhoseWhere is only new and starting off in Australia, it is a global app. If you decide to download this app out of Australia you must keep in mind that the sharing of your information could be to Australian or any other companies around the world.


Changes to This Privacy Policy

Changes to this policy can be made at any time and we recommend that you always keep yourself up to date with them. Changes may have to occur due to new licensing or laws or new technology. This is easy to find in the app under settings – privacy.