How to find people going to the same venues as you.

Scroll the home screen or use the search bar to find whatever you’re looking for including: people, hotels, nightlife, events etc. Remember to select the date you want to see the guest list on. Search by location or name of the venue/festival you’re looking for.

Once you have reached the venue you want, hit the guest list icon, this will bring up the guest list of people planning on attending that venue on your selected date. If you haven’t chosen a date, it will show the people that are planning on going there that day/night.


Planning a visit/My Planned Visits

Once you hit plan a visit your profile picture and name will enter the guest list for other users to see.

If you don’t like the guest list you are looking at you can change the date by pressing filter by date.


Once you have planned a visit, this visit will go into your, My Planned Visits section where you can invite friends, keep an eye on the changing guest list and easily use the check-in button once you arrive to your visit.


My Favourite Venues

Hit the love heart which is located on the display picture of venues and it will go into your, My Favourite venues section. From here you can easily keep up to date with what is happening at your favourite venues.


My Invites

When you plan a visit you can invite friends and they can do the same. If one of your friends invites you somewhere it will come up in your, My Invites section.

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